Second-Hand Machines

Second-hand machines are the economic alternative to new equipment. With our direct access to the market we can mediate shortly also for you appropriate machines. If you decided on second-hand equipment, we take care of the dismantling, retrofit, modernization and commissioning. Moreover, our scope of delivery and service also includes the disposal of the old equipment. Actually we can offer you the following machines that are available shortly.

Blank Washing Machine Type WEB 20, Version V

Machine No.: 1.2285, Year of build: 2011

Function: Washing and brushing of metal blanks and subsequent squeezing off in a continuous pass.

This machine can be used for the cleaning of outer parts in a press shop of the automotive industry.

The machine is designed for washing, brushing and subsequent squeezing off for normal sheet, uncoated or zinc-coated steel as well as aluminum blanks. The blank leaves the machine in a best cleaned way with a significant fine drawing-oil film on both upper and lower side.

Pinch rolls transport the blank into the machine. During the transport through the machine the blank is profusely flushed with cleaning agent discharged from top and bottom spray pipes. Dirt particles on the blank surface are mechanically loosened by the current and flushed into the tank. 

Brushing rolls with perlon garnishing rotating in opposite direction to the blank transport mechanically complete the cleaning effect. Besides, they allow a turbulent swirling of the washing agent on the blank surface.

Behind the brushing rolls a second pair of spray pipes is installed and flushes the washing agent from top and bottom on the blank. The washing agent is squeezed off by the following pair of squeezing rolls and flows back into the reservoir.

The machine is available at short notice. Overhaul and adaptation of the machine are possible by arrangement. 

  • Blank thickness: 0.5 – 2.5 mm
  • Min./max. Blank width in passing direction: 800 - 2000 mm
  • Min./max. Blank length: 800 – (2500) mm
  • Number of Squeezing rolls: 2 (1 pair)
  • Integrated tank with tank heating
  • Duplex-switch filter, incl. dirt indicator (75% / 100%)
  • Switch cabinet on board of the machine
  • Integrated motor driven traversing frame with indexing bolt
  • All drives made SEW
  • Price: On request

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