Interpress Automation

smt offers different concepts for the automation of press lines.

In case of transfer presses usually fully electronic 3D-transfer systems are used. However, the automation of tandem press lines is different and as per the customer specification and simulation analysis of the presses is depending on further parameters such as press size, press distance, part sizes, output and requested automation degree. Our precisely tailored solutions, as highly dynamic linear systems or a robot linkage, are integrated into the press lines mechanically and, on request, also electrically.

The press linkage systems by smt are universally applicable so that we can offer own solutions fully independent of the press manufacturer and press type.

Machine spectrum by smt for the Interpress Automation:

Electronic 3D-transfer systems:

  • Degrees of freedom in 3 axes
  • Up to 30 stroke/minute
  • Linkage of up to 6 tooling operations and 3 tooling tables
  • Fully electronic 10-or 12-axis-systems
  • Optional telescopic drive of the transfer axes
  • Automatic tool change

Highly dynamic linear systems:

  • Degrees of freedom in 6 axes
  • Multiple part production by integrated orientation function
  • Continuous redundant belt drives in all axes
  • Load compensation cylinder in the vertical axes for an increased energy efficiency
  • Crossbar beams made of aluminum or CFK depending on the output rate
  • Automatic change of crossbar beam

Robot automation:

  • Including 7th axis for tooling
  • Optional 8th axis (traversing axis)
  • Automatic tool change

Control systems and Visualization systems:

  • Machine control
  • Line control
  • Camera systems for area monitoring
  • Operator station
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