Head Manufacturing

For more than 80 years smt has manufactured most modern head manufacturing equipment for the tank and vessel production.

Tank heads are dished and flanged on our equipment. With the sophisticated control and a solid machine design high-quality products can be manufactured on an industrial scale with a repetitive accuracy and an optimized use of materials.  

smt designs, manufactures and supplies dishing presses, required dishing manipulators, flanging machines, head edge beveling attachments, head edge beading and grinding machines as well as dishing dies and forming rolls and accessories. With the self-developed PlayBack-control manufacturing procedures can be saved and copied to ensure an automated manufacturing process to a greatest possible extent. This saves time and costs while having a constant high quality.

The most different head shapes can be manufactured on the machines by smt:

  • torispherical heads
  • semi-elliptical heads
  • elliptical heads
  • diffusor heads
  • flat heads
  • dished + flanged heads
  • standard dished + flanged heads
  • cones
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