Finished Part Stacking Units / End of Line Systems (EoL)

High quality requirements of our customers and a sensible component handling without a loss in cycle times require most different stacking and logistics concepts in the EOL area of the press line. For this smt supplies from an outfeed conveyor track up to an automatic stacking equipment, including a quality check of the components, the full range of the line periphery.

Machine spectrum by smt for the Finished Part Stacking Area:

Outfeed conveyor tracks:

  • Belt Conveyor
  • Conveyor Systems, including lateral side- and height-adjustment

Shuttle systems:

  • Longitudinal shuttle for repeatable part take over
  • Cross shuttle, for discharging of blanks, i.e. for quality check
  • Shuttle optional available with a rotating device for part orientation

Automatic stacking equipment:

  • Feeder systems and gantry systems
  • Robot integration
  • Automatic tooling change
  • Cross-Shuttle
  • Automatic quality control system
  • Centering units for stacking frames
  • Turning stations for stacking frames
  • Safety housings
  • Control and visualization systems
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