Press Hardening / Hot Forming

For the press hardening procedure (hot forming) of blanks made of high-tensile steel for structural parts in vehicles smt supplies dynamic transfer systems for loading and unloading the press.

Apart from their solidity against the harsh manufacturing environment the transfer systems in modular design by smt are also characterized by high speeds by means of an overlaid cinematics in transfer direction. With own developed software modules for charging the hot forming presses shortest tooling change times within the tooling can be best realized. Our transfer axes reach part changeover times of below 2 seconds.

The product spectrum in this segment is additionally completed by destackers with destacking stations and batch marking of the blanks as well as by automatic stacking stations for finished parts.

Machine spectrum by smt for the press hardening:


  • Blank feed and blank cart
  • Fanner stations
  • Destacking feeder / destacking robots
  • Marking stations
  • Roll conveyor and conveyor technology in front of and behind the continuous furnace
  • Blank centering

Transfer and feeder systems:

  • 4 x 3D-transfer and feeder systems
  • Loading feeder and loading robots
  • Unloading feeder and unloading robots
  • Fully electronic 12-axis-3D-servo transfer
  • Degree of freedom in 3 axes
  • Solid design against abrasive dirt

Stacking stations:

  • Robot integration
  • Automatic tooling change
  • Pallet handling
  • Safety enclosure
  • Control and visualization systems
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