Surface Treatment

smt is the pioneer for the cleaning and precise oiling of car outer panel prior to the forming process.

The coil washing machines and blank washing machines by smt stand for high quality and constant processes in coil lines and press lines. Also when having critical surface dirt excellent cleaning results are achieved.

The smt-cross brush cleaner (dry cleaner) that is especially developed for the use in press shops is an alternative to the washing machines (wet washing procedure). The cross brush cleaner is used where blanks and coils with light to medium surface dirt must be cleaned.

Usually after cleaning blanks are provided with a precise oiling for the forming process. For this the oiling machines by smt are the right solution. The use of our spray lubrication systems ensures a best support of the forming process and savings of the required media.

The big advantage for the press line users is that smt covers the whole range of surface treatment in a press shop „wet cleaning – dry cleaning - oiling“.

A constant cleaning result and a defined amount of residual oil prevent downtimes and reduce the costs in the subsequent operations.

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