Steel Service

smt supplies, among others, segment presses for steel service centers and for companies processing large parts for the 2D- and 3D-processing as well as special shears. Components for large and thick-walled spherical or elliptical tanks are efficiently manufactured on the well-tried smt-machines. With simple forming dies and forming drawing dies components can be processed weighing a ton or more. The crane manipulators provide support to this, the manipulators are integrated into the machine controls. smt developed a Playback-control that ensures an automated manufacturing procedure at a high repetitive accuracy. Any reworking and further processing steps are minimized by this.

For manufacturing the starting material special smt-shears are used: whether guillotine or circular shears, coil cutting or cut-to-length shears, shears for forming cuts and rounds or side-cut shears. Our wide spectrum of shears and shearing equipment offers all possibilities to the customer to arrange his production lines and to generate with the special solutions a best use of materials, high availabilities and quick reaction times for the own production.

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