2D-/3D-Segment Manufacturing

The smt-segment presses are designed for the efficient manufacturing of sheet metal segments.

Constructions made of sheet metal, such as e.g. thick-walled, elliptical or spherical vessel heads, spherical tanks or other voluminous sheet metal shapes are assembled from individual segments. The use of deep-drawing presses or deep-drawing dies comes very quickly to its technical and commercial limits. Other procedures, such as round bending, cannot manage 3-dimensional forming.

Large and/or thick-walled segments can be manufactured with the hydraulic presses by smt in a sequential or partial forming process. As with the ship building presses by smt simple forming dies are used. In addition to these forming drawing dies are applied.

The sheet metal plates are positioned in the press by means of cane manipulators. The crane manipulators are integrated into the control and operating system of the press. As an option the PLAYBACK-control allows an automatic run of the segment production. In addition an automatic dishing manipulator can be provided.

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