SCHLEIFSTEIN Maschinentechnik GmbH (smt) is a globally oriented family-owned company. Our characteristics are short ways, quick decisions and a long-term customer orientation. 

The basis of our development has been and still is our high-quality machine manufacturing.The brand smt | schleifstein stands for quality and lifetime. SCHLEIFSTEIN – that represents more than 120 years of experience in the manufacturing of machines and equipments.

For our machine manufacturing applies: with first-class machines to superior systems. For this we are the experts for the integration of our machines into external or existing installations. However, customers best benefit is the performance of a complete smt-solution with integrated  automation systems and manufacturing installations by smt

A major characteristic of our activity is to be naturally prepared to work out special custom-made solutions in all fields. For this we take as basis our long-term experience and our powerful development and design team as well as the application of most modern design and simulation software.

As classic machine manufacturer we consider it very important to have a comprehensive competence in the manufacturing of machine components and toolings. Due to our modern mechanical production and our own welding shop our quality is in our own hands.

As a supplier of automation systems we are also dealing especially with control, operation and supervision of machines and equipments. Our team of experienced software and commissioning specialists is working on this by using the most modern control and visualization software of various well-known producers. Our standard is the realization of the specifications of our customers. 

We are confident, that smt will find an appropriate solution also for your application.

smt | schleifstein

Siegstraße 92 | D-57076 Siegen | Germany
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