Ship Building Presses

Ship building presses by smt are used for the manufacturing of 3-dimensionally cold-formed segments made of steel plates for the ship building and metal processing industry. The presses work with and without crane manipulator, are provided with rotary tables being adjustable by motor and can be transformed into roll presses in just a few steps.

The hydraulic presses work on a distance-controlled and pressure-controlled way. The crane manipulator and the press are provided with a synchronized control and operation. The upper and lower dies are freely rotating.

Due to the flexible handling of upper and lower dies in combination with the crane manipulation of the work pieces the most different forming procedures can be executed on the machine.

  • pressing
  • spinning
  • rolling
  • stretching
  • levelling
  • bending
  • lifting

The innovative and flexible manufacturing procedure for ship plates and similar segments is perfectly suitable for the own production and especially also for such customers acting as suppliers for shipyards.

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