Tank Head Manufacturing Equipment

Dishing and flanging technology by smt is the most advanced for the manufacturing of tank and vessel heads.

For more than 80 years smt has developed and manufactured equipments for head manufacturing. In close partnership with our customers – professional head manufacturers worldwide – we permanently continue developing our machines.

Today we are by far the technology leader for the manufacturing procedures dishing and flanging of tank heads. Machines by smt are heavy-duty machines.

With the help of R&D we managed to transport the operator’s know-how of free-shape forming to the machine control. Processes with a repetitive accuracy and a constant quality are the decisive lead for our customers.

The PLAYBACK-control by smt ensures a large manufacturing output at a high repetitive accuracy. This goes for the dishing as well as for the flanging procedure.

Our unique electronic gap control allows a very exact flanging at a minimum of material thinning. An optimized use of material is an essential advantage in competition.

While having all the technical progress our customers can count on the quality and efficiency of our machines and equipments at any time.

smt-product summary on head manufacturing:

  • dishing presses
  • dishing manipulators
  • flanging machines
  • head edge bevelling attachments
  • head edge beading machines
  • head edge grinding machines
  • head grinding machines
  • dies and accessories
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