Our destacker with a modular design for mechanical and hydraulic press lines are perfectly tailor-made to the subsequent forming steps. Suitable for different part sizes, material, blank weight and loading weight smt offers a variety of custom made solutions.

From replacing individual sections of existing equipment by modular individual machines, from a simple destacker to fully automatic high speed destacking systems we supply you the best concept that is tailor-made to your requirements all from one hand.

Layout versions:

  • T-form with two destacking areas
  • In-Line with one or two destacking areas
  • Robot automations and/or feeder automation

Machine spectrum by smt for blank loading:


  • Blank feed and blank cart
  • Chain conveyor for pallet transport
  • Blank separation and fanner magnet station
  • Manual or fully automatic fanner systems
  • Steel and aluminium separation with magnets and air nozzle separator technology
  • Upper edge stack detection by laser distance measurement


  • Destacking feeder as single or double equipment for 10 to 12 stroke/minute
  • Destacking robot as single or double equipment for highest output of up to 23 stroke/minute
  • Destacking robot with additional 7th and 8th axis for up to 14 stroke/minute
  • Automatic tooling change or universal toolings
  • Double blank detection (sensors) 


  • Blank transport belts as

    • round belt conveyor
    • toothed belt conveyor
    • flat belt conveyor
    • magnetic belts, permanent or switchable
    • vacuum belts with vacuum generators for aluminium blanks

  • Bridge conveyor for blank washing machines, cross brush cleaners or/and oiling machines
  • Double blank detection
  • Double blank deposits

Surface treatment:

  • Blank Washing Machines
  • Cross Brush Cleaners
  • Cross Brush Aggregates
  • Spray Lubrication Systems

Blank centering:

  • Electro-mechanical centering stations
  • Optical centering stations with camera monitoring and robot charging
  • Suitable for multiple parts (up to 4 parts next to each other or one after another)

Press loading:

  • Loading robot
  • Loading feeder

Control systems and visualization:

  • Machine control
  • Line control
  • Camera systems for area monitoring
  • Operator station

Safety housings:

  • Safety fencing with access doors
  • Lifting gates
  • Dust enclosures
  • Noise protection enclosures
  • Accessible platforms
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