Blank Washing Machines

Blank washing machines are usually positioned within a destacker in front of a press or press line.

Blank washing machines by smt are used if not only loose dirt but also relatively firmly sticking dirt must be thoroughly removed from blank surfaces made of steel. 

Our blank washing machines are well-known for their excellent cleaning result also when having critical surface conditions. The machines amortize in a very short time as the decisively improve the availability and quality of the subsequent processes.

Blanks leave our washing machine is a best-cleaned way with a homogenous surface that afterwards only makes a constant process possible.

Blank washing machines by smt ensure after the cleaning procedure: 

  • clean surfaces
  • defined surfaces
  • degreased surfaces
  • dry surfaces

By the use of blank washing machines by smt

  • scrap and rework is minimized
  • downtimes are reduced
  • die lifetimes are increased
  • process control is possible

Depending on the application different standard versions are available that are adapted to the customized requirements.

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