Press Shops

A core process of the automotive production is the manufacturing of frame and chassis parts as well as body parts in the press shop. Based on the high and constant output of the press lines the subsequent processes can only be planned. smt has already been present for more than 40 years as technology leader for coil and blank washing machines at many OEMs and supply companies. Meanwhile we also supply complete blank destacker with destacking stations, magnetic fanner and air separation stations, the whole conveyor technology with round- or flatbelt conveyors up to the centering, the surface treatment (washing, brushing, oiling), the part handling by means of feeders or robots, the press linkage, the automation for the finished part stacking area and the whole automation for hot forming lines as well. All this, of course, with the relevant control and visualization technology as well as with safety fencing or noise protection housings.

Apart from the integration into new machines our product and service range, of course, also includes the retrofit field that from our experience will become even more important in future. This requires adequate experience, a flexible product range and the technical possibilities to develop and realize special solutions. smt with its experienced engineering team and its own manufacturing is the right partner for this.

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