Spray Lubrcations Systems

For many years smt has consequently followed the tendency to go away from full-surface oiling towards a specific, minimum use of deep-drawing media. Today we are a leading supplier of spray lubrication systems for press lines for the automotive and automotive supply industry and similar applications with numerous references.

smt-spray lubrication systems are used if blanks or coils should be sprayed with exact quantities on exact positions, also at high passing speeds, without adding to the pollution of the environment. Our spray lubrication systems ensure best support for the forming process and saving the media required for this as far as possible.

Based on our standard programs we develop custom-made solutions, ranging from the simple application to fully automated spray lubrication systems for most modern press lines. 

Depending on the requirement the oiling is done on one side or both sides as well as on the full surface or partially. The operation and the functions of the spray lubrication systems by smt are automated. The smt-spray visualization ensures a simple, operator-friendly graphic programming of spray patterns.

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