smt installed heavy duty high-performance Flanging Machine

smt recently installed a high-performance Cold Flanging Machine for the manufacture of heavy tank heads at a traditional company in the Westerwald. The machine manufactures, ie. flanges the cylindrical edge of tank- or container heads.

The starting workpieces are flat plate rounds or dished or deep-drawing processed, so called dished plates. The machine is also used for calibrating of heads, that have been manufactured using the hot-drawing process.                    

The machine is designed for cold forming of metals with a plate thickness of up to 40 mm, and a tensile strength of up to 530 N/mm². In the solid clamping device, workpieces with a diameter of up to 7800 mm and a weight of up to 16 t can be clamped and positioned without a center hole.

The frequency controlled main drive develops its power through a water-cooled gear. The hydraulic system is cooled using the compact cooling system included in the scope of supply.
In regard to power, a total of approx. 500 kW are installed on the 115 t equipment.

At the heart of the extremely powerful flanging machine is the electronic gap control – a smt specialty. Through this, the hydromechanical axes are precisely guided and controlled under maximum pressure. Only by this, is the flanging process under control at all times.

The thinning of material is minimized and a repeatable accuracy, and high quality production is guaranteed.

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