smt supplied 2 blank washer units WEB 42 V+ with a separate double tank & filter station for an US OEM automotive manufacturer in Detroit

smt was awarded with two separate orders by an automotive OEM in Warren-Detroit to install new blank washer units within two 180"-press lines. Both orders were delivered and the installation has already been started.

  • smt blank washer WEB 42 V+ for blank sizes of max. 4.200 x 2.000 mm in single and double non-attached mode
  • Washer housing in stainless steel
  • Upper rolls liftable by split top design for around 500 mm fully opening
  • Washer is movable on track system
  • Integration into the destacker controls and HMI by BoschRexroth PLC controls
  • smt double tank and filter station
  • Automatic changeover
  • Tank volume 3.400 liters
  • Additional filtration with dual cartridge filtration for each tank station
  • Easy accessible main filtration bags with integrated magnetic separators
  • Coalesor system
  • Bacteria filtration by UV-system

  • smt bypass conveyor for the washer offline position

    • Bypass conveyor with roundbelt transport lanes
    • Movable on tracks with use of a gearmotor



smt blank washer WEB 42 V+

smt blank washer WEB 42 V+ on site

smt double tank and filter station

smt bypass conveyor

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