smt installed 2 Destacker-Retrofits at an automotive manufacturer in Osnabrück, Germany

smt was able to successfully install two complete Destacker-Retrofits within a year at a large German automotive manufacturer, in record time.

  • Modification and overhaul of the existing washing machine with an additional integrated traversing gear 
  • Integration of a smt Cross Brush Cleanerer CBC with integrated hot steam brush cleaning for material coated with dry lube
  • Integration of a smt Spray Lubrication System SLS
  • New conveyor technology:

    • Infeed conveyor with double blank monitoring
    • Centering conveyor with optical alignment via a matrix camera system, incl. lightning

  • The entire centering belt can be moved laterally or vertically on the press, to change the tool in order to clear the traversing area of the tooling tables
  • 2 complete pallet carts with manual fanner magnets and air nozzle preparation
  • All machine parts are designed movable on an in-floor rail system
  • Integration of existing robots into the overall concept and new programming
  • New control (Siemens) and interface to the Press control
  • Complete protective housing with roller doors and fencing
  • Integration in the safety circuit of the press line


Destacker Line 1

Destacker Line 2

Line 1: Centering area

Line 2: Destacking area

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